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At iPriority we are developing leaders from the inside out. And we are doing so by cultivating a different kind of leadership, personal leadership. In the most basic terms, we provide resources and tools to help you successfully balance your time, relationships, and work by developing an integrated life and worldview. We’re a professional community actively working on integrating our professional, personal and spiritual lives. At iPriority we believe true success is a process of integration. Personal leadership develops from the inside out. At the core of all we do is our value system, what some call our “center” or “true north”. And we know it takes courage to dig for answers and really get to know ourselves. That’s what seeing with a new “i” is all about. Looking yourself right in the “i” without flinching. It’s about searching for the truth beyond the hype. Getting a new perspective. Finding your “true north”. We’re asking top leaders and friends to reveal what they see about themselves. They share their journey, with all its joy and passion and warts and stress and the risks that they have faced. They talk candidly about what honesty, integrity and character mean to them. About what makes them tick, what it is like to live with a strong value system, how they found their “true north”, and how they integrate these values into their whole lives.

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Stress – Turn It Into Success

by iPriority A “friend” bills you for considerably more than his original quote. A family member takes seriously ill and is hospitalized for months. Responsibilities and expenses soar. At the same time you’re responsible for a half-million dollar building program and your loan falls through. The result? Stress! I know because these things all happened […]

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Laugh a Little: It’s Good for Your Health

by Rusty Wright Had a good laugh recently? Need one? Stressful days can invite comic relief. Doctors realize that laughter can enhance physical and mental health. Now it seems even looking forward to laughter can be good for you. WebMD reports that Lee Berk, MD, a University of California Irvine medical professor, and his associates […]

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by Lou Stoops Of all our bodily organs, the one requiring the most energy is the inner ear. Why you ask? Perhaps it is because listening is so important. Too few people do it very well and there’s nothing worse than being in conversation with someone that listens in a superficial manner. It was just […]

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Leading Conversations

by Carl Watson What truly defines leadership? Is it the mundane organization of people and resources to reach some goal? Or is it the ability to elicit zeal and dedicated passion to some envisioned future? Both are probably important to the reality and myth of leadership. At times, our gurus and pundits focus on leadership […]

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Are You An Optimist or a Pessimist?

by Chris Widener I have been giving some thought lately to optimism and pessimism. Basically, these are attitudes. Attitudes that shape and formulate our entire existence. I mean, have you ever met a happy pessimist? Of course not. In short, our optimism or pessimism is this: The way we interpret the past The way we […]

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Do the Small Things First

by Lou Stoops Big things often begin small. People often ask me how to become a writer, or how to become a speaker, or how to become an actor. My answer is always the same: write, speak, act. When I give these answers, they often just stare at me with eyes that betray their disappointment. […]

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Committing to the Commitment

by John C. Maxwell At the age of 67, Thomas Edison watched as fire destroyed much of his work and equipment. Time to retire? Time to hang up the lab coat? No way. “All our mistakes are burned up,” the inventor said. “Now we can start anew.” There is a time to retire, but Edison […]

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Myths Of Modern Business

by Steven D Huff Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. During the night, Holmes awoke, nudged his faithful friend and said, “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.” Watson replied, “Sir, I see millions and millions of stars.” “And what does that tell you?” inquired Holmes. […]

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